Why Your Skin Might Be Suffering This January And What To Do About It

Is your skin feeling worse than ever this January? This time of year can always have an impact on your complexion, however this year there are other factors that all join together to play havoc with your skin. It is important to switch up your skincare routine for different times of the year, so we are here to help you with your skincare journey once again.

Wellness entrepreneur and the founder of The Beauty of Eczema™ Camille Knowles explains: “While 2020 was a year like no other – the events so far in 2021 mean that a combination of conditions has already aligned with huge potential to take their toll both physically and mentally on our complexions.”

So, here is why your skin might be feeling sluggish, dull and irritated and how to achieve a healthier and nourished complexion in 2021.

Winter Weather

There are many conditions that can contribute to your skin problems during the winter months, such as cold weather, harsh winds, central heating and a lack of natural sunlight and vitamin D. These conditions, along with the inability to get outside during lockdowns, can cause dryness, skin flare-ups, redness and irritation. The main way to tackle this is and always will be to moisturise, this is so important in winter and you need to be moisturising more frequently. Camille says “Your skin needs some extra TLC right now. It needs to be nourished, protected and pampered with the hardest working ingredients, such as natural butters and omega 3 and 6, which will soothe and strengthen your skin’s defences. Look out for products which contain a prebiotic, which can also provide some vital support in the winter.

If you are looking for products that will hydrate your skin in the harsh winter conditions, why not try this:

The Beauty of Eczema Calming Cream £20

Dermatologically tested and developed especially for people in need of some extra hydration, The Beauty of Eczema™ Calming Cream contains BioEcolia®, a pre-biotic which encourages the development of beneficial skin flora - to help to grow good bacteria that leads to a healthy balance on the skin.

Stress brought on by the pandemic

Stress and anxiety can majorly amplify common skin complaints. When we are stressed, our body produces the hormone cortisol, which can impact our physical health, affecting your immune system, causing insomnia, and impacting our appetite. Often when we are feeling anxious or stressed, we turn to negative coping mechanisms such as unhealthy foods, alcohol, and scrolling mindlessly for hours through social media. Instead, we should be doing things that have a positive impact on our mental health, such as healthy eating, exercise and reaching out to friends. Other ways you can manage stress is spending time outdoors, meditation and catching up on sleep. Do whatever makes you happy!

If you are looking for beauty products to help relieve stress, we have a blog post on Stress-Relieving Beauty Products, which includes our top selection of beauty products that will help you de-stress.

Wearing face masks

Face masks have been a pain in our lives for a while now, and although they are extremely important, they can create a hot humid environment around your skin which leads to sweat, oil and bacteria build-up. This can lead to skin flare-ups, read our blog post on Maskne Skincare Solutions where we explain everything you need to know about maskne and how to tackle it.

The most important ways to stop facemasks from making your skin worse is by washing your mask after every wear, washing your face thoroughly and more often, and wearing good quality facemasks.

For good quality facemasks, check out Bunmi Official, the reversible satin face mask with filter pocket is £15.00 and available on Etsy.com

Eating the wrong things (and drinking too much) in Lockdown

With Christmas just passed, you probably over-indulged in lots of amazing food, and rightly so, that is what Christmas is for. But as the New Year came, we were hit with another Lockdown, which could mean you are reaching for comfort food once again, or even the bottle of wine to make you feel better. It is important to be mindful of what we eat, even if we are out of our normal routine. What you eat and drink can play a huge role in how your skin looks and feels. Think about increasing the number of green vegetables, oily fish, lean chicken, and good fats in your diet.

If you are prone to sensitive skin, the current conditions can be difficult for you, for more information on the best products to use, check out our blog post for sensitive skin where you will find our favourite beauty products.

It is so important to look after your skin all year round, but winter conditions can be extremely harsh on your complexion, so adapting your skincare to your new winter-lockdown-lifestyle is crucial.

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