Why You Should Start Every Day With An Aromatherapy Shower

Aromatherapy is becoming increasingly popular and we are here for it, now that there is more information available it is easy to see the powerful properties that essential oils have to support your mind, body and soul. Incorporating aromatherapy into your daily shower can be a great way to start the day.

So which essentials oils should you use to wake up your mind and body and what do they do?

  • Lemon Tea Tree enhances your mood and promotes healing of the skin.

  • Orange supports alertness, reduces stress and is antibacterial on the skin.

  • Bergamot is known to be uplifting and calming, plus it is a natural cleanser.

  • Rosemary stimulates the nervous systems, getting the brain in gear, it is also super hydrating for the skin and helps control excess oil production.

  • Peppermint is fresh and minty and it is ideal for preventing fatigue, plus it is soothing on the skin.

How do you incorporate these into your shower routine?

This part is really simple, just find shower products that incorporate essential oils, this will wake you and your senses up, but you also know that the therapeutic properties will still work wonders long after you are dressed and getting on with your day. Try gently massaging the products into your skin, in small circular movements. This will ensure the essential oils in the products are working extra hard and will make you feel amazing.

For additional essential oil benefits try an essential oil-based face mask or wash to use in the shower because it is super important not to forget your face. Why not make your shower experience as indulging as you would a bath?

Here are some aromatherapy must-haves:

Tired Facce - hydrating mask - £22.50

Guaranteed to wake you up, this face mask contains peppermint and orange oils, which can instantly boost your mood. It also includes the added benefit of caffeine so you are ready for the day ahead.

Tisserand Happy Vibes Bath and Shower Wash - £9.96

This uplifting blend of Lemon Tea Tree, Bergamot and Nutmeg will brighten your day, helping to refresh the skin and boost your mood.

Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser -£36 and Tisserand Energy Diffuser Oil - £6.54

For extra sensory care set up a diffuser in your bathroom whilst you shower, with this high energy naturally supercharged blend of revitalising Lime, refreshing Grapefruit and uplifting Orange Leaf.

Start your day right with an aromatherapy shower, because why would you not want to wake yourself up, feel fresh and be ready for your day?

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