What to expect from restaurants after lockdown

Are you concerned about eating out now that the lockdown has lifted? But you are longing for some restaurant food or a coffee and pastry from your local cafe. In the article, we delve into the rules faced with eating out and find out what to expect from this new way of dining.

Lockdown has tested us and pushed us to change our habits. Some for the greater good and some not so much - snacking and treats have definitely been more readily available to us at home. The last few months have created a huge shift and upheaval for us all, not being able to eat out in restaurants whenever we want and grab a takeaway coffee on our morning commute.

Having all this spare time in lockdown has made us think about food a lot more and it is a conversation many of us have savoured: where are we going to eat, and what are we going to eat when restaurants eventually open their doors? Well, that time is now and we are asking ourselves those very questions while our mouths are dulling at the thought of restaurant food.

You may be excited about having fast food or a luxurious sit-down meal. Whatever you are looking for, now is the time to go out and get the meal you have been dreaming of during lockdown. There are just a few things you need to take note of to abide by government guidelines and social distancing measures and so forth. We know it can feel overwhelming heading back out into the world and now we have a multitude of new rules: we have to consider our hygiene a lot more and abide by a number of different government guidelines.

Behold we are here to help, we want you to feel comfortable and as well informed as you can be before you head back into your local restaurants, pubs and cafes.

Firstly, strict guidance tells pubs and restaurants to prevent interaction between people in their venues where possible. The days of crowding around bars waiting to order are over, table-service is being encouraged and using apps for ordering - Wetherspoons had the right idea. The guidance does say it does not rule out ordering from the bar entirely, but warns venues should "prevent customers from remaining at the bar or counter after ordering".

We already are a contactless society but contactless payments are being encouraged even more now the use of cash could carry coronavirus. Pubs and restaurants are being encouraged to use disposable condiment packets where possible to limit the spread of germs via surfaces. Otherwise, bottles need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use and

cutlery won't be laid out on tables unless people order food.

All meetings indoors must only be with no more than two households at a time. All businesses also have to keep a record of their customers and visitors for 21 days, this is to assist the NHS Test and Trace system by keeping a registry of contact details in case someone from the venue contracts coronavirus. This seems understandable and appears to be the most economically viable decision, for now, to keep you safe.

For a lot of people, you will have finally gotten into a routine of cooking that does not include regular takeaways or fancy meals out. And now you have to reposition yourself in that mindset of not always relying on getting someone else to cook, I know it is a chef’s job to cook you delicious food! But old habits die hard, nonetheless, we want you to continue to eat what you love and feel comfortable when doing so.

GOV guidance for restaurants: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-for-food-businesses/guidance-for-food-businesses-on-coronavirus-covid-19

GOV guidelines and support:


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