We Reviewed Vapour's Foundations And Our Verdict Is: We Love Them

Updated: Sep 24

Vapour Beauty has been on our radar for a while and when they brought out their new foundation we just knew we had to try it! And very kindly and generously of Vapour Beauty, they sent us 8 full-sized (30ml) bottles to try out!!!

Vapour Organic Beauty is a pioneering indie cosmetics brand with a modern point of view. Vapour Beauty was founded in 2009 and based in Taos, New Mexico. Inspired by the purity of light and the elemental energy of Taos, NM, renegade natural beauty pioneers Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley lead the evolution of clean colour cosmetics. The name came from Vapour (noun) /vå-por, defined as water molecules dispersed in the air.

Vapour Beauty embodies a powerful yet understated strength and wild beauty. And we are not just saying that; the brand prides itself on being at one with nature and finding serenity in the landscape of Taos. What we love about the brand is it takes deep influences from their home and the products capture this magical essence of the brilliant light of Taos. This brings softly illuminating colour into their products and acts to contour the face effortlessly but still look natural and feel like a luxurious product.

Since its inception, Vapour Beauty has been a clean and sustainable beauty brand that challenges convention. Gone are the concessions over texture, comfort, long wear and colour payoff. There is more at stake for the beauty industry, it is not just about how you look; contradicting the purpose and original values of make-up, but it is now just as important to carry yourself in the same way and be sustainable. There is a rising demand for transparency in the beauty industry and Vapour Beauty is doing exactly that.

Vapour Beauty is deeply committed to-

Ingredient purity

Cruelty-free animal testing

Product performance

Transparency with the ingredients and sourcing



Enhancing beauty across the spectrums of age

Race and gender

Eco-friendly packaging

Learn more about Vapour Beauty’s values https://vapourbeauty.com/pages/values

So, let us get into the fun bit, the products! Firstly their all-new packaging was elegant and minimal, as well as being mindfully packed using eco-friendly material. Vapour Beauty is taking responsibility for their packaging because they believe every little choice counts towards making a real difference.

We received Vapour Soft Focus Foundation in the shades 120S (Light-medium, pink undertones), 123S (Light-medium, yellow undertones), 125S (Medium, neutral undertones) and 130S (Medium, yellow undertones).

The serum was the exact consistency you want from a foundation, not too thick it feels heavy but not too thin you have to use an excessive amount. The consistency of the foundation when applied to the skin is smooth enough to easily apply with a beauty blender or a brush. It felt moisturising on the skin and not oily. The foundation has an easy-to-blend formula with buildable medium to full coverage. Infused with Fine Art Colour (Red, Green, Blue (RGB)) and skin-nourishing botanicals, it leaves the skin with a sensuous satin finish.

Shop Vapour Soft Focus Foundation £41

The brand revolutionises luxury cosmetics with light-as-air textures made from natural mineral pigments suspended in certified organic botanicals. Vapour Beauty make-up contains 70% certified organic ingredients with 30% minerals and vitamins. That is it, impressive, is it not?! Their organic ingredients are rich in antioxidants, EFAs, vitamins and minerals to support skin health. Vapour Beauty has organic certification which means their standards go beyond farming practices to include strict regulations, which ensure responsible non-chemical raw ingredient processing. They use no irradiation, no synthetic chemicals, no petroleum ingredients and no nano-particles.

We received Vapour Velvet Glow Foundation in shades 120V (Light-medium, pink undertones), 123V (Light-medium, yellow undertones), 125V (Medium, neutral undertones) and 130V (Medium, yellow undertones). Similarly to the Vapour Soft Focus Foundation, this foundation is also infused with Fine Art Colour and fresh skin-toning botanical. This promotes a beautiful, flawless, radiant complexion. It feels weightless on the skin and has a beautiful velvety matte finish. This foundation provides buildable light to medium coverage so is perfect for summer if you still want your freckles or tan showing through. These clean colour formulas offer sublime, luxurious alternatives to conventional makeup. Vapour Beauty embraces formulation performance while always honouring deep commitments to ingredient transparency, health and sustainability.

Shop Vapour Velvet Glow Foundation £36.50

Express your inner-elegance with this innovative bio-serum foundation and promote a flawless complexion. This foundation is best for balanced, sensitive and combination skin types. For best results, prep skin with Vapour primer and spot concealer, shake Vapour Soft Focus Foundation well before use, and buff in a circular motion with a brush, moving from the centre of the face outward. Build coverage as desired and set complexion with a Vapour powder.

Vapour Beauty delivers the look of flawless, glowing skin without compromise! There is not a better time for you to try out these foundations, seeing as the trend this summer for makeup is natural and glowy looking skin.

Shop Vapour Beauty: https://vapourbeauty.com/

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