Vintage Fashion Fair

Vintage Fashion Fair 

The Vintage Fashion Fair is one not to miss! There were gorgeous pieces in every stall from clothes to jewellery, accessories and shoes, all with interesting stories of origin.

We managed to stumble upon some vintage designer pieces, with names including Gucci and Chanel, and a few not so vintage pieces, like these S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G Miu Miu heels, with beautifully carved heels – truly a work of art! 

Some other great finds showcased the evolution of fashion, as well as timeless pieces – an adorable orange Chanel bag, Klais Davis green real leather waistcoat (there were a lot of real fur coats, even the fox head scarf which were the huge trend in the 40s – so beware if you don’t like that sort of thing) and Gucci bags, similar styles to what is made today. 

Dresses have always been a favourite fashion piece throughout the years; they give a touch of femininity and can also be a bold statement. We saw dresses originating mainly from 1930s-60s, and even a few from the 1890s! All were kept in such beautiful condition, with an amazing finish. My favourites were the delicate lace dresses, especially popular in the 1900s when lace became more common, in the 17th and 18th century lace was extremely expensive, only the wealthy could afford it, they would become their most valued possessions! We can see why the intricate textile made a return to our catwalks last year.

60s fashion filled the room, and bold, colourful pieces were eye catching. You’ll be sure to find something, it was amazing to see the immaculate condition the pieces were kept in, the jewellery still sparkled and the shoes still fit… Well some were a squeeze; women had smaller feet back in the day… Still we were pleasantly surprised to find some Christian Louboutin black court heels.

Don’t miss the next Vintage Fashion Fair – 8th May 2011, only £3 for admission! Even if you don’t find something, you’ll love seeing fashion throughout the ages.   

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