Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

Updated: 4 days ago

Valentine's Day is this Sunday, so it is time to get the perfect gift for your partner. If you have not already purchased a gift for your Valentine, we are bringing you our ultimate gift guide so that you do not have to do any thinking.

GLOSSYBOX Skincare Set - £28

GLOSSYBOX is always a great gift idea, this I heart GLOSSYBOX Skincare set includes 4 beauty items, including a night serum (worth £22.50), deep cleansing cream (worth £15), 3-in-1 moisturiser (worth £22.50), and an eye boost cream (worth £20). The box is priced at £28 but the contents are worth £80, so you are getting a fantastic deal!

GLOSSYBOX Subscribers receive an exclusive discount on all Skincare, so to find out more about the available subscription plans, click here.

Sensory Retreats Divine Eyes Valentines Day Double Treat Box - £5

The perfect treat for a lovely relaxing Valentine's Day, the sensory retreats eye masks are amazing for relieving stress and helps to soothe tired and strained eyes, which is very much needed at the moment as we are constantly staring at screens and feeling stressed during lockdown. The treat box includes 2 eye masks meaning this is something you could do together this Valentine's Day. Each mask is individually foil-wrapped, it holds its heat for approximately 25 minutes and includes 85-minutes of FREE Crystal Sound Healing music to enhance the pampering experience and help rebalance chakras.

Gemporia Anahi Ametrine 9K Gold Ring - £160.36 WAS: £264.00

If you are looking for something a little more special for your partner this Valentine's Day, a luxury piece of jewellery is exactly that. This 9K gold ring from the Jacque Christie collection features a 3.76cts Anahi Ametrine gemstone from Bolivia.

Gemporia 3/4CT Diamond 9K Gold Earrings - £385.25 WAS: £571.00

There is something so special about receiving a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings as a gift from your partner. These beautiful 3/4cts diamond earrings from South Africa are a limited edition, so be quick if you want to grab them for your Valentine.

Potion Paris Discovery Candle Set - £44.99

This is the perfect gift for a candle lover, this set includes 7 luxurious candles which are vegan, cruelty-free and toxin-free. It gives you a taster of the 7 fragrances from their Collection No.1, the scents include peony & nutmeg, vanilla & musk, jasmine & patchouli, white flower & patchouli, amber, praline & wood, precious oud & oriental, and rose, peony & wood. The packaging is very stylish and the smell lingers beautifully as soon as one opens the box set.

Powder Navy Country Garden Gifts - £87.99

If you are over the usual gift suggestions of candles, perfume and flowers this is perfect for you. Why not buy your Valentine something practical that they will actually use. We have included the tote bag (£25), scarf (£25), headband (£30), and socks (£7.99) from Powder, they have a gorgeous floral design and it is the perfect gift for anyone. Created in 2009 by award-winning Design Director Lisa Beaumont, Powder has since grown a reputation for creating unique accessories that women just love to wear!

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Big Gift Box - £32

A lovely gift that is great value for money, this almond milk & honey gift set from the body shop is something that any woman would love to receive on Valentine's Day. The set includes shower cream, body butter, cream scrub, hand cream, and a cream bath lily made with recycled plastic. The gift set comes in a lovely box so no need to wrap it!

Sika'a Hand Printed Silk Scarf - £77

A silk scarf can be a lovely luxury gift for your love this Valentine's, this one by Sika'a is a celebration of the strength and beauty infused with African Culture. It is hand-printed and is inspired by the vibrancy of Africa, bringing together deep hues of pink with the dusty charm of burnt orange. The Queen Nandi hand-printed silk scarf is a celebration of the strength and beauty infused with African culture. Using a silk print process, it draws inspiration from this vibrant continent - bringing together deep hues of pink with the dusty charm of burnt orange.

Holy Grail Beauty Co. Calming Chamomile Skin Cleanser - £12.99

Nothing says "I love you" like gifting your partner a gorgeous new cleanser. This Calming Chamomile Cleanser is designed to delicately yet thoroughly remove all traces of make-up and gives you refreshed skin that feels revived, toned and balanced. This cleanser is paraben and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) free, it is formulated with natural antioxidants.

Miss Dior Rose N'Roses - £65

Perfume is such a lovely gift for Valentines Day and it can be a special gift for your partner to receive, a scent that will always remind them of you. The Miss Dior Rose N'Roses perfume is a beautiful floral scent which is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Dark Horse Wine - £8.50

A nice bottle of wine can be the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day. Since we can not celebrate out for a nice meal this Valentine's Day, it would be nice to cook your partner a lovely meal, finished off with a glass of delicious wine. Dark Horse offers a variety of wines including red, rosé and white.

Chanel Classic Bagpad - £25

Is your partner someone who loves their designer bag? Why not buy them a Bagpad to help them to properly look after their designer piece. Bagpad is a custom insert designed with the aim of creating a long-term solution for keeping handbags in their original shape when not in use. They are available for various designer bags, and in many different fabrics including luxurious velvet, which can be personalised with monogramming.

Miller Harris Scherzo Eau de Parfum - £150

Miller Harris Scherzo is a mixture of intense scents including hues of blood orange tangerine, bright purple davanna and golden olibanum resin, as well as narcissus flower, pittosporum, red roses, with rich patchouli, vanilla and Oudh wood. It is an intoxicating rush for the senses, perfect for your love on Valentine's Day.

Floris Rose Mouthwash - £40

This could be a great gift if you are looking for something similar to perfume, but you have already bought your partner a lot of fragrances and they do not need more. This mouthwash is a sophisticated alternative to overpowering peppermint, pure rosewater is added to this concentrated mouthwash formula to create its subtle floral flavour. The soft pink colour gives it a sense of elegance is and features in a signature frosted bottle, so it will look great in your bathroom, giving a dressing table style glamour.

Peacci Full Manicure Kit - £52.50

Since the salons are not open we have had to resort in at-home manicures. Why not treat your partner to a manicure kit so that she can still have gorgeous nails this Valentine's Day. This full kit of essentials to keep your nails nourished, strong and healthy includes a mile file, cuticle remover, cuticle pusher, base coat, topcoat, and cuticle oil.

Faith in Nature Wild Rose Valentine's Bundle - £14

The fresh and delicate scent of wild rose will restore your partner's senses. Bring balance to hair and skin with organic rosehip oil, leaving them cleaner and healthier. The Wild Rose range is vegan, so perfect for anyone wanting to be as kind to the planet as they are to their skin. The set includes Wild Rose Shampoo, Wild Rose Conditioner, Wild Rose Body Wash, and Wild Rose Soap Bar.

Wild Science Lab Lustre & Calm Quad - £91

Remind your loved one to take care of themselves this Valentine's day because it is super important especially through lockdown. This quad from Wild Science Lab is a lovely gift, it restores hydration and provides calmness through its CBD and organic hemp seed. the set includes scalp relief shampoo, scalp recovery conditioner, hair defence strengthening serum, and strengthening treatment mask.

Réduit Spa - £179

If you were hoping to treat your partner to a luxurious facial for Valentine's Day, you do not have to give up hope yet. The Réduit spa allows you to enjoy a spa-worthy facial at home, so you could both enjoy a spa day for Valentine's. This device gives a skincare application using ultrasonic magnetic misting, ultrasonic diffusion technology, as well as LED therapy, to target a range of skincare concerns from pollution, ageing and hydration to achieving a clear, dewy complexion. It can be paired with the various skinpods which deliver up to 40 applications.

Tiana Jewel Divine Love Tear Drop Rainbow Metallic Ring - £78

The name says it all, if you want to show your Valentine "Divine Love" then gift them this ring. The pear-shaped rainbow metallic cuff ring makes a statement, it includes a druzy which is made up of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of a stone, they promote positivity and remove stresses and tensions.

Taylor Yates Agnes Handbag - £395

Agnes is an expertly handcrafted super soft, durable and light-weight British leather bag. It is inspired by slouch bags of the 70s and is the perfect bag for every occasion. It also comes with a cotton shopper dustbag which gives it the extra luxury meaning it is a great gift.

With this list of amazing gifts, you will undoubtedly find something perfect for your special someone this Valentine's Day. Since you can not celebrate how you usually would it is nice to make an extra special effort with your gift, making it the Valentine's they deserve. Hoping this list has inspired you, head over to our Valentine's Gift Guide for HIM and see what we have in store.

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