Unisex Trainers You Need To Buy In 2021

It can be quite annoying when you see a pair of trainers that you like and realise they are only stocked in men's sizes or vice versa. London-based footwear brand LAVAIR is here to solve all your problems, they have announced that their bestselling and most popular styles, The Linear and The Creator, are now available in a wider range of smaller, unisex sizes. So not only can you buy the trainers for yourself, but you can also match with your other half.

LAVAIR has created a niche as an everyday luxury lifestyle, inspired by the runway's innovative response to the trainer market. They are constantly evolving with a strive to push boundaries and innovatively revolutionise the footwear lifestyle marketplace of tomorrow.

The Linear style is chic and understated with clean lines, high-grade leather and is the soul is an elevated, ergonomically design that combines both sport and luxury.

Linear White - £175 available from lavairbrand.com

Luxury lifestyle trainer, the Creator takes aesthetic inspiration from classic designs from the past, but still has a modern feel with its creatively constructed upper and ergonomic sock-fit. This hybrid mixes technical fabrication alongside premium leather to become your new luxurious, lifestyle staple.

Creator Off White - £175 available from lavairbrand.com

So whether you love to style unisex clothing, or if you want to be couple goals and match with your partner, these trainers are the perfect look. They are super stylish and on-trend and they will look good with almost every outfit.

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