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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

During the unprecedented times joining the gym can be a little intimidating, it is safe to say home workouts are very popular at the minute. Long gone are the days when you would have to rely on a dedicated trainer to help you learn exercises and get motivated through the day. Instead of wasting money on gym memberships you actually do not use, it is now time to efficiently learn to perform exercises anywhere you want. No more excuses: We have now rounded up 6 of the best fitness YouTube channels, whether you are a beginner or a regular on the fitness scene.

Koboko Fitness

This YouTube channel is run by Kola Olaosebikan, a certified personal trainer who helps you tone up your body and gain muscle without any equipment. Her bodyweight exercises for women target your butt, lower body, abs, and arms, as well as this Kola offers general health and fitness videos, giving you information and dietary advice. The videos on her channel are hard and effective but you will always stay motivated with her upbeat attitude and constant smile.

Benefits of Koboko Fitness:

  • Bodyweight strength training videos

  • They are around 10-15 minutes long, so you can still fit in your workout around your busy schedule

  • Kola uploads videos including health, fitness, and dietary information


Scott Herman is one of the better-known fitness YouTubers. Scott got famous mainly because of his dream of achieving a Dragon Ball Z-like fitness, and his dedication to not using steroids and other harmful supplements. One of the reasons why we recommend this channel is because Scott has been consistent with his uploads, and his videos are very easy to watch.

His specialty is exercising with only natural food intake in mind, hence why he calls himself a ‘natty’ – a slang for natural. Scott Herman’s quality content is a great way to start exercising at home with no trainer. He is also a great gateway for newbies who don’t know anything about exercise.

Benefits of choosing Scott:

  • He helps you learn exercises right from the beginning, so even if you’re not familiar with the exercise you can still follow

  • His videos focus on healthier ways to learn how to exercise

  • He has a very learner-friendly way of teaching

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is a fitness model who started making videos when she was only 16. She had already become a sensation by 2018. You might think that she is too young to teach you about exercise, and you might be wrong.

Pamela has perfect form and usually focuses on feminine exercises. Viewers of all ages will be able to learn what exercises are better for their muscle’s growth in certain parts of the body. She has divided her videos into different sections, so you should go check her out.

Benefits of Pamela Reif:

  • Most of the exercises she teaches are for the lower body

  • Pamela shares fitness plans and how much time will be needed

  • Consistent uploads and some exercises that are even male-friendly

Athlean X™

Athlean-X™ is a YouTube channel hosted by Jeff Cavaliere. This channel is notorious for providing quality exercise plans for both celebrities and athletes. Jeff Cavaliere is renowned as the most knowledgeable fitness YouTuber because of how in-depth he goes in with his videos. His side-kick Jessie adds a little flavor to each video with his comedy sketches, making it a very easy channel to watch.

Benefits of Athlean X™:

  • Provides quality exercise information that is easy to understand

  • He has videos on almost all body parts

  • He focuses on improving quality, lean muscle instead of getting big

  • He helps learn new exercises that have the least risk of injury and thoroughly explains how not to get injured

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting was extremely popular over lockdown as she uploads free workout videos, as well as offering free programs on her website, which consist of an itinerary of videos depending on which workout program you choose. She regularly uploads short fitness videos that aim to help you tone up and get fit and healthy. She has many different videos that target specific areas such as the abs, thighs, and butt.

Benefits of Chloe Ting:

  • Her videos are around 10-20 minutes long

  • She has many different videos for any part of your body you would like to target

  • She offers easy to follow workout programs for free

  • Chloe also posts lifestyle advice and food-related videos

The Lean Machines

This channel is hosted by two friends, John and Leon, who are both certified personal trainers, health coaches, and each have excellent knowledge and understanding of the foundations of fitness and nutrition, offering fun and informative content. No matter what your fitness level, you will learn a lot from this channel. They post vlogs and videos, offering simple advice like how to do a healthy food shop on a budget as well as posts on calorie tracking or ‘all you need to know about macros’.

Benefits of The Lean Machines:

  • You learn about fitness and nutrition rather than just doing it

  • Whether you are a beginner or an expert, their videos are beneficial

  • They give advice on weekly food shops and calorie tracking

Now is the perfect time to add a workout into your daily routine, not only will it help you stay active and healthy whilst working from home but it will also help mentally. With these suggestions for free workouts with expert personal trainers straight from your bedroom, there will be no more reasons not to exercise.

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