The luxury your carefully curated shelfie is missing; Floris’ Violet mouthwash

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Never considered mouthwash a bathroom accessory? Floris’ Violet mouthwash will change your mind.

Mouthwash may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you carefully display your favourite items in your bathroom, but Floris London’s Violet Mouthwash is an exception to the rule.

Created by revisiting original recipe archives dating back to the 1800’s, Floris Violet Mouthwash is a chic take on oral health. From the beautiful glass bottle to the unique flavour and highly effective, gentle, fluoride free, anti-bacterial properties, Floris Violet Mouthwash is the epitome of bathroom luxury. Offering a subtle and unique cleansing experience compared to conventional mouthwashes, it delicately sharpens and refreshes breath.

Floris Mouthwash is only produced in small quantities, so due to high demand purchase is limited to 5 bottles per person, making this bathroom rarity one to be displayed with pride.

The formula is a high concentration meaning a little goes a long way. Just six drops applied to 60ml of warm water is all that is required and a 100ml bottle can be expected to last at least 2 months if used daily.

Violet Mouthwash is available in store and online at, 100ml, £40.00.

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