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Updated: Sep 24

Gyms have begun reopening, reminding us that summer is no longer cancelled. As some people thrived in lockdown for home workouts and outdoor activities, others enjoyed the comforts of their own homes and the lack of exercise that came with it. I am sure all of the gym bunnies have returned to their natural habitats, but if you are similar to me and need a bit of motivation to get you back on track, below are some of my recommended fitness apps and guides to give you that extra push!

My first recommendation had to be Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, the fitness guru who brought the world free home workouts throughout lockdown. PE With Joe Wicks flooded the social media, delivering 80 million homes virtual PE lessons. These videos can still be accessed for free via his YouTube channel alongside hundreds of other home workouts he has filmed over the years. However, if you struggle for self-motivation and enjoy sticking to a plan, Joe Wicks also offers a 90-day plan which offers a 3-month food and home workout guide tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

PE With Joe Wicks - Instagram

For those of you wanting to go back to the gym, the workout app Shreddy built by entrepreneur Grace Beverley is the one for you. It provides you with the option of a 12-week exercise and nutrition guide that is gym based or home-based, or alternative 20/30 minute workouts that can be completed in various locations. The app is targeted at students by their affordable price points, and younger target audience as Grace Beverley is a recent graduate herself. The female community in this guide is supported by the community section allowing users to interact, share their results, and create friendships.

Shreddy - Shreddy

My next recommendation is Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workouts. This app can be downloaded on Apple or Android products for free. The workout guide is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to go to the gym or cannot afford a membership. All you need is 7 minutes and a chair to get yourself moving. It’s beginner-friendly and adapts into the hectic lifestyle of parents, workaholics, and busy schedules. The app has a variety of workouts that push you beyond the initial 7 minutes and allow you to create personalised workouts once you’re confident enough to do so.

Noom begins by assessing your current lifestyle and habits, measurements, and goals to create a workout and nutrition guide for you. This guide is different from the rest as it provides you with a health and wellness coach encouraging you to change behaviours in your lifestyle that are unhealthy rather than sticking you on a restrictive diet. Their reward system helps you to achieve your goals and encourages an educational approach to food and nutrition. Noom’s traffic light system for food makes it easier for users to understand which foods are nutritious and which are not, making eating out more straightforward.

If you want to combat your fear of running, Couch to 5k is the app for you. This running guide involves three runs a week with a day rest in between across nine weeks. The first week begins with just 1 minute of running and trains you to complete 5k by the end of the guide. Supported by the NHS, Couch to 5k provides realistic goals for people of all fitness abilities looking to build up their stamina and fitness through a mix of running and walking. Running is also a cheaper alternative to most other workout routines as all you need is a pair of good running trainers.

If you already have a successful exercise routine and just want some extra guidance in tracking your fitness and nutrition, then I would recommend My Fitness Pal. This free app is my go-to app for tracking my calorie intake in accordance with my exercise. When searching for meals to add in each day, there is no fear of eating out because they have thousands of restaurants menus pre-downloaded onto the app. Therefore, the accuracy in your calorie consumption is unbeatable and allows you to be flexible with your diet.

My final recommendation is Lazola Fitness, a personal trainer based in London. He is perfect if you have a slightly bigger budget and want tailored workout sessions. His client list includes celebrities such as singer, songwriter, Fleur East, and professional footballer, Yannick Bolasie. However, if you prefer group workouts, Lazola holds classes for circuits, dance, and football training sessions. Check out his Instagram page for some free workouts he provided during lockdown to encourage his followers to keep moving at home!

I hope my recommended fitness apps and guides will give you the motivation to get back on track with your healthy lifestyle, whether it is through walking, sports, home workouts, or the gym. And you’re not alone; I am right here with you!

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