Product Review Introducing: Alteya Organics Skin and Body Care

If there’s one thing we all dream of having, it’s glowing, healthy skin. However something that is hard to come by in this day and age is affordable luxury skin care, that is also eco-friendly AND actually does some good for your complexion. These rose and flower based beauty products from Bulgarian organic brand Alteya Organics are the perfect affordable deluxe treat for your skin all year round.

Alteya Organics offers a wide range of organic, environmentally friendly, skin care and beauty products that use organic rose oil (rose otto) because of the roses' valuable and therapeutic properties. In their manufacturing facility in the heart of The Rose Valley in Bulgaria, they grow and harvest roses, lavender, chamomile and calendula and purify the finest quality organic rose oil and other essential oils and flower waters using generations-old traditional recipes.

No matter what your skin type, implementing daily skin care into your routine will help prevent dryness, acne, problematic areas and just generally keep your skin looking clean and feeling healthy! These are the luxury products that I have personally tested and would highly recommend it for anyone looking to give their skin some extra love:

Rose Otto Face Wash £17.00

This face wash leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant. It removes all impurities, dirt and leftover makeup without drying your skin out because it’s oil based - meaning no nasty ingredients! Just use it as a cleanser day and night by wetting your face, massaging the face wash in and rinsing it all off. You only need a pea sized amount (it really goes a long way). It leaves your face feeling refreshed and smelling like a delicate rose.

Ageless Rose Otto Face Cream  £43.00

At first glance, this product seems pretty expensive, but as lavish anti-aging face creams go it’s actually quite reasonable, especially as it actually produces great results. Use this product morning and evening after your cleanser and toner by massaging into your face and neck. This cream is very rich so it does take longer to work into the skin but it is the perfect base for makeup and will work amazingly as a primer. This intensive rich cream leaves your skin glowing, but firmer, just what you want to reduce any wrinkles and signs of aging. It also boosts your skin’s natural repairing qualities!

Why not buy into your skin and enjoy the benefits? You can buy any of these luxurious certified organic products and any other Alteya Organics products stocked at

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