The Oxfam Curiosity shop opened on the 1st April in Selfridges for 10 days. Stunning designer pieces were donated by celebs for the charitable cause, including Alexia Chung’s Mulberry skirt suit and Elle Macpherson’s Valentino bag.  

Last year, the store raised £250,000 with the help of 30,000 customers! The money went to support vulnerable women, in order to give them an education, campaigning against violence and giving the resources needed to fight HIV and AIDs, Oxfam has hoped to do the same this year with our support. Shop without feeling guilty 🙂

This year there were massive savings, and I’m sure thousands of pleased customers as many clothes were nearly new! Kate Moss’s sequined dress went for £320, a discount from the £400 retail price and every penny went to help a worthy cause. Delicate handpicked vintage pieces were rounded up from Oxfam stores across the country, the online auction sold a timeless vintage pink tweed Chanel suit for an unbelievable £385!

Click here http://www.selfridges.com/en/Whats-On/Latest-news/The-Oxfam-Curiosity-Shop-Auction/The-Oxfam-Curiosity-Shop-Auction/ to view some of the pieces sold at bargain prices.

We are looking forward to the store returning next year. 

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