Our Top Recommended Scented Candles

It is time to unwind, we are all experiencing some stressful times right now so it is important to take time to relax. Lighting a scented candle can instantly help calm you and make your environment around you a pleasant place, which is essential at the minute as we are spending a lot of time in our homes and it is easy to feel tense. Not only do they reduce stress levels, but some candles also look beautiful in your home and can complement your decor perfectly, and when we are allowed to have visitors again, it will help your home feel welcoming. Our top recommended scented candles will hopefully guide you in finding the perfect addition to your home.

Neom Organics Perfect Night's Sleep £16

Lack of sleep can affect how you look and feel, Perfect Night's Sleep by Neom Organics offers a special complex blend using only 100% natural fragrances with 19 of the purest sleep-enhancing essential oils including English lavender, precious jasmine & sweet basil plus other perfectly chosen natural essential oils to help you prepare for sleep. Light this candle before bedtime to allow the fragrance to fill the room, and if you love this candle, you can also try the Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist. This 75g travel-sized candle is hand-poured using 100% natural wax, has up to 20 hours burn time and is priced at £16.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir £49

If you are looking for a luxurious candle that leaves a lasting scent the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir is perfect, the scent lingers even after it is blown out. This candle has the power to uplift you or help you wind-down, the scent comprises pomegranate, raspberry, frankincense and patchouli, giving a rich exotic aroma to the room. Jo Malone candles are perfect as gifts, they include a beautiful bow on the packaging and on the Jo Malone website you can add an engraving to the candle, making it even more special. With a burn time of approximately 45 hours, the 200g candle is priced at £49.

Lily-Flame Fresh Linen £8.95

The colourful packaging and cheery names of Lily-Flame candles are enough to brighten your mood. The fresh linen scent of this candle is the perfect addition to your home, giving you that smell of a clean house. Lily-Flame candles are great if you are on a budget and they still offer the relaxation of luxury candles. These vegan-friendly candles are made from a mix of mineral and vegetable wax and have a burn time of 35 hours, priced at £8.95.

Yankee Candle Christmas Magic £19.99

Yankee Candles are classic for affordable luxury candles, and the never-ending scents they offer give you whatever you desire. It may only be November but after the year we have endured I think it is acceptable to light your Christmas candle early. Christmas Magic is the classic Christmas scent, including balsam and pine with hints of birch and eucalyptus. This 411g jar offers 65-75 hours of burn time and is priced at £19.99.

Diptyque Baies Candle £47

Another luxury higher-end option, Diptyque Baies Scented Candle helps elevate the mood and sets a sophisticated scene. This scented candle has a fruity and floral fragrance that creates a fresh, elegant ambience, it combines the aroma of blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian rose, made with a proprietary blend of vegetable and paraffin waxes that ensures the candle burns evenly and effectively. The French perfume house custom blends specific wax formulas designed to complement every candle’s scent. This 190g candle is made in France and is priced at £47.

M&S Azalea Printed Vanilla Candle £5

If you are looking for a candle that is at a low price but still looks as expensive as the luxury candles, this vanilla-scented Azalea candle has a beautiful glass holder adorned with floral prints and birds, making it a great addition to your home decor. M&S offer a range of glass jar candles for a reasonable price that makes perfect gifts. This candle burns for up to 35 hours and is priced at £5.

The Nomad Society Banana Pancakes £15

If you prefer a sweet scent this Banana Pancakes candle by The Nomad Society is the one for you. Described as "Lazy Sunday mornings with breakfast in bed" it has warm notes of toasted pecans, sweet maple syrup and caramelised banana's. The collection of hand-poured scented soy candles embraces the nomadic lifestyle. The brand hand pour in small batches, taking pride in using no mass production in the making of any of their products. They feature an amber glass jar, twist on black lid and a natural cotton core wick for a cleaner burn. All of their soy wax is made from 100% sustainable sources. The small vegan candle is 120ml, has an approximate burn time of 20 hours and is priced at £15.

Anthropologie Voluspa Cut Glass Jar Candle £34

A gorgeous decorative piece to add to your home, this French Cade Lavender scented candle is a refreshing blend of French cade wood, lavender, verbena and moss. This collection by Anthropologie features Voluspa glass jars in three different colours and scents. The jar will look beautiful in any home and can be reused after the candle has burnt out, which will not be too soon as the candle has a 100 hour burn time, priced at £34.

M&J Larkin £23

M&J offer a candle range that stands among the most ethical products on the market for discerning shoppers who value high quality while maintaining a strong sense of conscious consumerism. The Larkin candle includes scents of neroli, geranium, ylang-ylang and basil, it embodies love, hope and yearning. All candles are hand-poured with soya wax, recycled glass and environmentally friendly packaging, which is a beautiful addition to your home. The candle comes in a small and large option, the small candle burns for around 30 hours and is priced at £23, and the large candle burns for around 60 hours and is priced at £35.

Iggy Box Candle Subscription £14.95

The Iggy Box is a candle subscription service which offers a new box every month filled with candles, perfect if you are candle lover and you get through new candle every month. The box is made of recyclable packaging and they only feature candles made from clean-burning, natural plant-based waxes and eco-friendly, sustainable ingredients. You can choose from a monthly subscription service or a one time gift, with options of small or large boxes dependent on the candle size you desire. The boxes are priced at £14.95 per month for a small box and £19.95 per month for a large box.

Everyone loves candles, whether it is a treat for yourself or if you are buying a gift for someone else. They can be a great gift for someone you care about or someone you do not know so well, the perfect solution for the person who has everything because you can never have too many candles. So, choose your favourite from our list, light it and relax.

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