Our Top 5 Premium Wireless Headphones under £200:

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Now life is slowly turning back to usual, people are heading out the house more whether its back on the daily commute, travelling abroad and going to the gym. Most people tend to use this time to switch off from the world and listen to a range of music, podcasts and e-books, which can all now be easily streamed through services like Spotify and Apple music. Bluetooth wireless headphones are perfect for this, allowing you freedom to have flexibility to move about without the restriction of wires. I have tried and tested some of the industries most recommended wireless headphone brands to find you a list of our favourites, making your shop easier and faster.  Happy listening! 

Urbanista - https://www.urbanista.com/london

Brand new to the market, Urbanista London is an Active Noise Cancelling, true wireless, in-ear earphone available in 4 stylish colours. Designed for those that live an Urban lifestyle, London is packed with features such as Active Noise Cancelling, Active Voice Mode and wireless charging. It also has a 25-hour battery life. 

Axel Grell, Urbanista’s acoustical engineer has critiqued, developed and fine-tuned the sound of London. The tiny details make for an earphone with incredible clarity and natural sound reproduction with ground shaking bass and smooth highs. The micro-speakers selected are at the acoustical heart of these earphones. Urbanista London boasts a wide frequency range with very low distortion, an important feature especially for an active noise cancelling earphone.

Urbanista collaborated with Kojey Radical on their “Sound and Silence” campaign, the narrative is about how our surroundings inspire us. London as a city is full of contrasting spaces, from the busy streets to the peaceful parks, the city perfectly reflects the products two leading features: ANC and Ambient Sound Mode. The full video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiSHxmcVhEo

Shop here: 

RRP: £129

Master Dynamic: https://www.masterdynamic.co.uk/

To celebrate Master & Dynamic’s five-year anniversary, the NYC-based company is launching the MH40 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones. Staying true to the much-loved design aesthetic of the iconic wired MH40 Over-Ear Headphones, the new MH40 Wireless Headphones will feature custom 40mm Neodymium drivers and product evolutions including Bluetooth 5.0, 18 hours of battery life, and beamforming noise reduction mic array.

Premium materials reinforce the beautiful craftsmanship that has been consistent with the Master & Dynamic brand since the launch of our original modern thinking cap – the MH40 Over-Ear Headphones.

Etched under the ear pad of the original wired MH40 Over-Ear Headphones are the geographic coordinates of the headphones are the brand's favourite NYC landmarks: Grand Central Station. It is both a crossroads for travelers and an iconic architectural marvel that represents NYC.

To celebrate the launch of the new MH40 Wireless Headphones and their five-year anniversary, they are adding a second pair of coordinates on the outer ear cup of the wireless edition. Each pair features one of ten cultural hotspots from around the world. The new coordinates represent some of their favorite places around the globe– sites rich in history, culture and art. They spark their curiosity and inspire them to keep exploring

Shop here: RRP: £179

House of Marley: https://www.thehouseofmarley.co.uk/headphones.html

House of Marley is built on the principles of superior quality, sustainability and a commitment to charitable causes. They are driven to enhance lives through great product experiences as well as using proceeds from product sales to support global reforestation through Project Marley.

House of Marley’s eco-conscious identity was created in collaboration with the Marley family to carry on Bob Marley’s legacy of love for music and the planet.

Their high-performance audio products are engineered to deliver the Marley "Signature Sound" that pours out all the energy, emotion and detail of every recording. Marley headphones and audio systems reproduce your favorite music with smooth, powerful bass, stunningly precise mids and an energized high-end. Each product undergoes custom tuning to deliver the most realistic and powerful performances possible.

House of Marley products are crafted from mindfully sourced materials including bamboo, FSC™ certified wood, recyclable aluminum, plastic and fabrics. Making considered design decisions allows us to provide deeper, more meaningful experiences that ultimately result in positive change.

Each year, House of Marley makes a meaningful contribution to One Tree Planted. Since 2017, House of Marley through the donations made to One Tree Planted contributed to the planting of 223,000 trees. Learn more at HouseofMarley.com/Project

Shop here: 

RRP: £129

Soundcore: https://www.soundcore.com/uk/

Soundcore believes that there are secrets in the audio industry...

With listeners being told that incredible sound quality is only available from a few special places. Perhaps from a brand with decades of audio heritage or maybe from a speaker that costs more than most people can afford. Soundcore aims to break this illusion. Using innovation, experience, and pioneering listener analysis to create products that revolutionize expectations for audio quality.

Their 'Play' buttons don't just start incredible music, they also reveal the truth: Breathtaking sound that moves, touches, and thrills is no longer an exclusive privilege.

Soundcore recently released the Next Generation Liberty and Spirit Series Earbuds. Unveiling three new music-centered true wireless earbuds including the new Liberty Air 2, utilizing the same popular stick design and the Liberty 2, a new classic in-ear style which both include diamond-coated drivers. Additionally, Soundcore is introducing the company’s first truly premium true wireless earbuds, the Liberty 2 Pro which features a new coaxial driver technology tuned by top Grammy-award winning audio engineers. With 32 total hour playtime from one charge. 

Shop here: RRP: £79.99


Skullcandy was born out of a problem, the founder, Rick Alden was riding a chairlift in Utah. He was listening to music but needed to take a call. At the time, the technology forced him to have to switch from his music player to his phone. Thus, he decided he would start a company that would not only make better headphones but also fit his snowboarding lifestyle. Skullcandy then became the original audio lifestyle brand. 

The Push Ultra Over the Ear True Wireless Earbuds have up to 6 hours of playtime (and 34 more in the case). They also have Moldable ear hooks provide a personal, comfortable and unshakable fit, while the unique design of the earbuds lets you hear more of your surroundings when you need to.

Both earbuds give you access to all music and call controls, including 3 EQ modes for tunes, movies and podcasts. So you can rock either bud by itself or use whichever hand’s available.

Both earbuds contain Tile™ Bluetooth finding technology in case you ever misplace one. And with the Skullcandy Fearless Use Promise®, you can always replace a bud or the case at a discount (on top of our manufacturer’s warranty).

Shop here: RRP: £119.99

I hope this article helps you to find some new and alternative brands to buy innovative and affordable headphones from, you do not need to always go for the market leaders to get the best products! My top pick from these brands is definitely Urbanista, they have changed the headphone game for me! They will never leave my handbag, by my side everywhere I will go. There is now no need for those restrictive and outdated wired headphones, as these headphones are the new music future! They are very easy to use, to charge (wireless charging compatible) and only need a USB-C type charger (which conveniently happened to be the same charger I currently use for my MackBook Air & Samsung A8 mobile phone, so one less cable to care about)...

This was a big plus for me.

So, bye for now and happy listening!!!

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