5 Must-have Smartwatches

Smartwatches are the new must-have tech, they are great for tracking your fitness, checking notifications quickly and easily, and some smartwatches even allow you to answer calls. Finding the right smartwatch for you can be difficult as there are so many different choices, but this it is a good thing that there are so many options because you can find the perfect smartwatch for you, that will fit with your phone and your lifestyle.

Apple Watch Series 6 from £379

The best smartwatch for iPhone users, the Series 6 features a brighter always-on display and blood oxygen monitoring, as well as its already impressive health and fitness capabilities. It has up to 18 hours battery life so can be worn on your wrist all day, and most of your iPhone apps have an Apple Watch app version making it so much easier to have everything you need on your wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 £389

The best smartwatch for Samsung users, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has a slimmer, lighter and more comfortable design than the first-gen Galaxy watch. The bright, detailed display is protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass DX, which will protect your watch from scratches and marks. The rotating bezel is included, just like in the first-gen Galaxy watch, and it gives you control when scrolling.

Fitbit Sense £299

The best smartwatch for fitness and wellbeing, it measures your stress levels, skin temperature, blood oxygen, electrodermal activity, ECG, and heart-rate variations. Fitbit sense focuses more on physical and mental health, as well as including all the usual fitness features. It has new tools that can help identify stress, and can potentially help you recognise and manage it.

Fossil Gen 5 £279

The best smartwatch for design, there are six finishes, split across two body types: Carlyle, more traditionally masculine style, and Julianna, more feminine. It includes a fast-charging battery and a smooth user experience.

Honor Watch ES £89.99

The best smartwatch for your budget, the Honor Watch ES features heart rate monitoring and sleep recording. If you are looking for a smartwatch that offers the basic fitness tracking that will not cost you a fortune, this is perfect for you.

We are encouraging you to snatch up these smartwatches, whether it is a Christmas present for someone else or a present to yourself to start working towards your fitness goal in the new year, you will not regret buying one of these top smartwatches.

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