Meet the Pets Earning Over £22,000 PER POST on Instagram

New research by has revealed the world’s highest-earning animals on Instagram and how much more they potentially earn per year compared to the UK average salary.

Some of the findings include @Jiffpom, who is a tiny Pomeranian, can potentially earn 5.8M a year which is 190 times the UK average salary. The plucky Pom is social media gold and potentially earns £22,319 per post on Instagram. That is over £3,000 more than Zoe Sugg – one of the UK’s highest-earning influencers. That means, if Jiffpom posted just one picture per day in a working year (262 days), this earning could equate to £5,847,578.

Instagram’s highest-earning animal accounts also include @nala_cat, a Siamese-Tabby mix. Nala has approximately 4.3M followers and can command a potential earning of £9,085 per post. That figure is over £13,000 less than the amount Jiffpom would make, but still not bad for a cat… If Nala posted just one picture per working day, she could make £2,380,270 - that is 77 times more than the UK average salary.

@itsdougthepug and @juniperfoxx both also make the cut as two of the highest-earning animal accounts. Doug the Pug is self-titled ‘King Of Pop Culture’ with 4M followers on Instagram and uploads daily, giving a look into a typical day in the life of a pug including a range of different outfits! According to estimations, the adopted North American red fox Juniper, earns £6,181 per post (which could equate to around £1,619,42 per working year). A supremely silver lining for an animal descended from fur-farm foxes!

It’s not only cats and dogs cashing in on Instagram. Other popular animal accounts include marmosets, pigs, toads, and squirrels are joining Instagram too like @this_girl_is_a_squirrel who is among the more “unusual” animals making it into the top 10 highest earning accounts. Even Jill the Squirrel (a rescue and victim of Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana) potentially earns £2,303 per post (over £600,00 a working year).

We’ve seen a massive rise in Instagram influencers over the past few years, taking over the way mainstream media works, with ads and collaborations across social media platforms. It has also become more apparent how much these influencers get paid for each of their posts but are animals now taking over the top spot? Will @JiffPom be the next biggest Instagram influencer? £22,319 per post isn’t bad, especially for a dog...

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