Matching your Mask to your Summer Outfit

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

As more shops have started opening up in recent weeks and people are starting to venture outside, the rules on wearing face coverings have increased as a way to take precautions. More specifically when we find ourselves in enclosed spaces with high numbers of people.

Back on June 15th face coverings became mandatory in the UK for only public transport and hospital visits. However, since July 24th this rule has been extended to supermarkets, indoor shopping centers, post offices, banks and all other shops with plans to make this list even longer and include more indoor settings, such as cinemas. So, with these stricter rules in place, it looks like we are all going to have to stock up on face masks if we want to continue going outside and make the most of these places reopening.

Although face masks should not be seen as a fashion ‘trend’, as they are for our own health and well-being, it does not have to mean that we cannot have some fun with them and find ways to incorporate face masks into our outfits so we still look good. We can see them as an added accessory that allows us to express our style, rather than it being something that ‘ruins’ your look and we should see this as an opportunity to add something new to our outfits that we can have fun and experiment with!

Brands have definitely seen the potential in this extreme consumer demand for face masks and have been able to create an abundance of reusable fabric masks for their customers in varying colours, patterns and styles in place of the disposable medical masks (which means less waste too!). Well known brands, both designer and high street, in addition to smaller independent brands are all working hard to produce a range of face masks they can get on sale for us as quickly as possible. Everyone should be able to find a face-covering they like that will match with your outfits or personal style and, more importantly, will work to keep us all safe.

As with most accessories though, it is always nice to have options. Sometimes you might like a bold handbag to be the statement piece of a monochrome outfit or you may be in need of a small, simple bag that works well with your patterned dress, to ensure the attention is not taken away from it. The same goes for your face masks! With so many options available it makes it easy to find a face mask that will go with almost any of your outfits.

Which face mask is perfect for you?

These face masks from Bunmi Official reflect her exquisite fabrics and beautiful craftsmanship. Her eclectic colour palette stemming from her African roots and love of art is translated into her brand aesthetic. The brand is an extension of Bunmi’s personality, experiences in life and love of luxurious fabrics. A percentage of sales are being donated to Path To Possibilities Charity and The Bread Project Naija.

Reversible Black Polka Dot & Duchess Satin Face Mask - £15

This satin face mask comes in a variety of colours with a duchess satin exterior and 100% cotton lining, all coming with a built-in filter pocket and three layers of fabric for better protection.

Unisex Denim Face Mask With Reversible Check Lining - £15

These denim masks, also from Bunmi are made from top quality medium weight denim with a reversible option in the contrast lining. The weave is very tight and gives added filtration. They do not come with a filter so these would need to be brought separately.

Glam Ethnik Face Masks - Adults 6€ & Kids 4€.

Special offer: 2 adult masks for 10€

Glam Ethnik is an indie French Afro-Caribbean ready-to-wear brand made in France. All masks, for adults and children, are handmade with fabrics that are either African or Dutch prints mostly Kente (Ghana), Wax or Ankara (West Africa) & Madras (Guadeloupe or France). The masks sold are meeting the European regulatory requirements.

Shop Glam Ethnik clothings & face masks: Showroom le Pop Shop, 223 rue Championnet, 75017 Paris OR please send a DM via Instagram or Facebook @GlamEthnik for any enquiries.

2 Sports Brand Masks -

Adidas Originals Face Covers (3 Pack) - £12.95

Made with soft and breathable fabric, this Adidas face mask, available in blue or black, is comfortable, washable and reusable making it great for everyday wear. This cover is not a medically graded mask or PPE but will help to prevent the spread of viruses and germs through droplet transmission.

Nike Strike Snood - £16.95

Although Nike is yet to bring out some face masks of their own this snood, that is already available on their website, covers your face and neck with soft fleece with the main purpose of keeping sweat away to help you stay warm and dry. However, it also locks over your ears for a secure fit which means it also works well as a face covering during these times.

3 Charity Supporting Masks -

Ally x Heroes Reusable Face Mask - £12

Designed using the latest nanofiltration technology, these masks block up to 95% of airborne particles. They are comfortable to wear so perfect for everyday use and they come in sizes available for both adults and children. The masks are also customisable with a design of your choice, so you can express yourself even when you are covered up! They can be washed up to twenty times after each use meaning you can wear your favourite mask for longer and less waste all around. £2 of every sale will be donated to the NHS workers charity HEROES.

Great British Designer Face Coverings (2 Packs) - £30

These two packs of face masks have each been designed by a different fashion brand including Julien Macdonald, RIXO, Liam Hodges, Mulberry, Raeburn and Halpern where you will receive one of each in your bundle of 6. 100% of profits from the sale of this item will be split between NHS Charities Together, BFC Foundation Fashion Fund and Wings of Hope Children’s Charity.

Mandevilla Vine Cotton Mask - £12

These new and exclusive printed masks from Isabel Manns are made out of a lovely soft 100% cotton material that is perfect for the summer months. The mask has a lining, elastic ear loops and gap in the lining so that you can place a piece of filter fabric inside. It is recommended that a medical mask is also worn underneath this or a piece of filter fabric is placed inside the mask using the small hole on the inside. The profits of these sales are going to the NHS.

2 Sustainable Masks -

Sabinna Face Masks (Power Couple Set) - £29

This pack of 2 non-medical, ethical face masks is made from Sabinna offcuts and natural fibres including Tencel, linen and organic cotton. They are handmade with vegan-friendly materials and these face coverings will work trap droplets to a certain degree when you speak, cough or sneeze which helps to protect those around you.

In this ‘power couple’ set you are able to choose between 6 different prints, all of which are adjustable at the elastic knots and can be hidden in the side seam.

Baukjen Non-Medical Face Masks (10 Pack) - £25

As part of a non-profit project, Bauken has partnered with their family run factories in Portugal to make face masks for personal use. The masks are all double layered and use soft cotton from leftover fabrics and cotton. They are purposely not treated to ensure no chemicals are coming close to your face but they are still easy to wear, soft on the skin and secured with elastic fastenings.

2 High-End Masks -

OFF-WHITE Logo-Print Face Covering - £70

If you wanted to spend a little more on a designer piece, Off-White has released a collection of face coverings with different logo and colour options. Made with 100% cotton and double elastic straps this quality mask is likely to last longer if it’s going through many washes!

Candice Cuoco Floral Print Leather Face Covering - £180

Exclusive to Selfridges, Candice Cuoco has a few options of even more high-end mask options, including this leather floral one. The leather outer has been hand-painted with an all-over floral print with stitched rolled edges, concealed wiring over the nose for comfort and silver-toned embellishment on the cord. The lining is made from a polyester satin so it still feels comfortable to wear.

2 Under £10 Masks -

HYPE Adult Checkerboard Face Mask - £9.99

This hype mask has a timeless design featuring a monochrome checkerboard with the HYPE script logo visible. This checkerboard pattern, designed as a fashion mask for adults, would be the perfect addition to add to your everyday mask rotation.

ASOS DESIGN Face Coverings (3 Pack) - £14

ASOS is also selling a variety of face masks in different colours or patterns like these simple, black face coverings that work out at under £5 each. ASOS is also donating £1 from every sale of their ASOS Design face masks to Oxfam’s Coronavirus Emergency Response Appeal.

2 Under £60 Masks -

Slip Reusable Silk Face Covering - £39

The outside of this amazing face covering is made of Slipsilk, which uses 100% mulberry silk that has been developed and refined over 10 years for superior shine, thickness, softness and durability. The lining of the mask is made from cotton to prevent any irritation and helps with breathability, while an adjustable nose wire and ear loops allow for a perfect fit for long-term wear. This covering also comes with 10 spare nose wires and two silicone stoppers to adjust the ear loops and is machine washable for convenience.

Wolford Lace Mask - £30

Made from lightweight silk showcasing a subtle lace design this mask covers the mouth and nose gently. Elastic, extra-thin bands ensure a secure fit so it makes going about your day easier. This mask can be reversible to show the lace print side or the plain black for a more simple mask. This mask is also washable so you can keep using it time after time.

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