Maskne Skincare Solutions

Lockdown 2.0 is finally over after what seems like forever and despite parts of the country being in different tiers, we are all able to go out shopping again. But what comes with the privilege of being able to go to the shops, is having to wear a mask. There is no denying that masks are our new essentials for any outing and although they are protecting us, they come with their faults. One of those being maskne, having to wear masks for a long period of time is taking a serious toll on our skin. So, what is maskne and how can we battle it?

Maskne is the development of acne around the mouth and chin as a result of wearing a face mask. The reason behind maskne is that irritation is caused by the friction of the mask and the sweat and warmth of being covered. The combination of humid conditions and contact of the mask on your face is bound to upset your skin, so it is important to tackle this issue.

Effective cleansing

Just like washing your hands, we must increase the frequency in which we wash our face. More importantly, you must ensure you are cleansing your skin effectively. Tea Tree & Aloe Skin Clearing Soap gives you a deep cleanse, using the powerful effects of tea tree with the calming essence of aloe vera. It is great for congested, blemish-prone skin.

Tackle blemishes

When maskne does appear it is best to tackle your spots with a targeted treatment. Tea Tree & Aloe Skin Rescue Stick is a treatment gel which calms minor blemishes and skin irritations. It uses 100% pure natural essential tea tree oil, blended with soothing aloe vera and natural astringent witch hazel. It is a great quick fix for blemishes that appear from wearing your mask all day.

Unblock pores

Since you spend most of your day wearing a mask, try a different type of mask in your evening skincare routine. A face mask is a great way to unblock your pores as they can become clogged from the sweat and warmth. Green People Coconut Charcoal Purifying Face Mask is a deep-cleansing product which absorbs pollutants and reduces the appearance of pores, it also refines skin texture.

At-home facial

If you are really looking to treat yourself and your skin try an at-home facial, it may not quite be a spa day but it is definitely something we all deserve to indulge in during these stressful times. Swiss beauty brand Réduit has launched its skincare device, the Réduit Spa, harnessing innovative technology with a wealth of skincare knowledge. This device makes your skincare routine easy and seamless, cleansing your skin deeply. The Skinpods are a sustainable alternative to the unnecessary filler ingredients and waste that comes with most skincare products. Each pod can target different concerns, for example, the Clean Vapor Skinpod removes residual oil and grime from the skin.

Face coverings are not going anywhere for a long time, and there is no hiding from the effects they can have if you do not look after your skin. So to prevent these effects, try upping your skincare game. Cleanse your skin more frequently and tackle blemishes as they appear, even treat yourself to a facial, whether that is at home or in a spa. Masks are important for keeping you safe from the virus, but a perfect skincare routine will keep your skin safe from maskne.

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