Lounge In Style With Luxury Jumpsuits

As we are staying at home more, our wardrobes have swiftly changed to mostly loungewear. Because if we are not leaving the house what is the point in dressing nice? We want to be comfortable whilst we are at home, but this does not mean we have to sacrifice style. Why not swap the jogging bottoms for jumpsuits? Lola Tara offers a range of high quality, luxurious jumpsuits, co-ords and dresses. The brand is encouraging shoppers to buy less and buy well, they provide a fabulous alternative to fast fashion.

A Lola Tara jumpsuit is a wardrobe investment that will stand the test of time. Each piece has a unique personality, they offer an outfit to suit everyone. As we move towards a more sustainable future in fashion, it is important that we buy classic pieces that will not only last us a lifetime but that is also a staple in our wardrobe that we can wear for many different occasions. The versatile collection can be dressed up or down, the pieces are perfect for lounging in lockdown or a girl’s night out when things get back to normal. By simply changing accessories, jacket or shoes, a new look can be created with minimal effort.

Lola Tara believes that ‘Every street is your catwalk and the whole world is your tribe’. The simple, elegant Lola Tara jumpsuits are made to make you feel confident and ready to take on the world. Every jumpsuit can make you stand out, with classic silhouettes and striking colours.

Lola Tara was founded by IB Oyerinde, a fashion model living in the US and Europe, with Nigerian roots. IB encourages the Lola Tara customer to ‘dress for adventure’, the classic designs are made to be worn by women from all over the world. The idea of the brand is that choosing to wear a jumpsuit is a bold and liberating choice, the versatility of jumpsuits allows it to be worn as workwear, casual wear and occasion wear, meaning it is a fantastic investment piece.

Making an effort in lockdown can also help to make you feel better, because if you look good on the outside you will feel better on the inside. It might be a good idea to think about investing in a piece like a jumpsuit, eventhough we may not be able to wear it out at the moment. When the time comes that we are allowed to socialise it is always good to have an outfit that you can throw on for any occasion which is comfortable and will still look good.

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