How to stay relevant as an influencer during COVID-19

Updated: May 29, 2020

No one could have predicted the impact of coronavirus and how ridiculously quick it shut the whole world down. Being an influencer isn’t a normal everyday job as it is, let alone in the midst of a world pandemic. You may be finding it hard to stay motivated to work, stay relevant or even try and become an influencer if you’ve recently started working your way up. At Kay Flawless, not only do we offer influencer and talent management services, but we have put together a list of tips and tricks that we have been sharing with our very own influencers:

1. Fresh New Collaborative Content

One of the most obvious things to keep you relevant, is to stay on trend. Taking pictures in fashionable outfits is a key way of grabbing followers and brands attention, especially if you have your own distinctive style. If you’re already an influencer, reaching out to brands for a gift or collaboration is a great way of getting new products to post about, especially if the brand posts a photo of you on their social media pages wearing it! If you’re trying to gain more followers then posting something bold and eye-catching, taken with a good camera and an interesting backdrop is the type of imagery that will accumulate you more Instagram likes that will put your post on people’s ‘explore’ page.

2. Step by Step tutorials (IGTV)

IGTV videos are a great way of posting longer videos to your profile that show your followers unique things that you do. During the COVID-19 outbreak, popular restaurants like KFC and Pizza Express have leaked their secret recipe for people missing their business, so why not leak your own secret hair and makeup tips and tricks - what’s your ‘secret ingredient’ you do that makes you unique? People can share these IGTV videos with their friends really easily and refer back to them on your profile too rather than flicking through stories, more views equals more relevance!

3. Vlogs (Youtube)

Everyone loves to binge watch a vlog from their favourite influencer to pass the time, it’s the perfect way of giving your followers a sense of your personality through a longer video. Uploading it on YouTube allows you to then share it across other platforms, like Instagram and gain double the following on each site. If you’re struggling for ideas, baking your favourite recipe and filming a clothes haul’s are the perfect way of suggesting how your followers can fill their time during this pandemic . They can then tag you in their own recreations of your recipe’s and outfits.

4. Live Stories

Live Stories on Instagram are the best way to see how many people are interested in your profile, once you start a live story you can see how many people are viewing it at that time and interact with your followers. During this pandemic, live workout routines are highly motivational and people can follow along with you whilst you’re doing it. Other suggestions for live stories, is doing a ‘Q+A’, where followers ask you questions live, or if you have any hidden talents like dancing or singing why not put on a dance class or live show? Keeping your live stories unique will set you apart from other influencers and make your followers ready to tune in every time you start one.

5. Fun Quick Videos (Tik Tok)

Quick, short and sharp videos of you showing your funny side is such an easy way of getting across a real sense of who you are. Tik Tok has skyrocketed as a social media platform for people to scroll through first thing in the morning, last thing in the evening and every hour in between. Create dances to popular songs for people to recreate, or just do some funny voice overs from your favourite TV show clips - something ‘relatable’ that people can copy and share. Tik Tok has a completely wider audience compared to twitter and Instagram because it’s not just people that are interested in aesthetically pleasing pictures, the videos are so short and fun, there’s something for everyone. This works to an influencer's advantage as it’s easily shareable on all platforms so you’re likely to get more views, plus more followers that have found you on Tik Tok that may not have come across your Instagram before.

6. Be Yourself

The most important rule that should be embedded in the influencer guide is to just be yourself! Authenticity is highly respected in any job or situation you may find yourself in, people can see through a hidden persona even if it is just online! Share if you’re having a down day, people can relate more and will feel more connected to you. An influencer that has more in common with their followers makes them feel as if they aren’t going through anything alone. An easy first step for anyone struggling to make their online presence more open is by posting some motivational quotes that you find inspiring and uplifting, sharing this with your followers will do the same for them.

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