How to master a Vegan Christmas Dinner

One of the main components of everyone's Christmas is the Christmas dinner, but what about if you are vegan? Just because you choose a different lifestyle should not mean you should miss out on the beloved Christmas dinner. According to a survey by Finder, more than 2% of Brits are vegan, which is around 1,100,000 people, so with a huge number like that, it is important that everyone can enjoy some delicious food this Christmas, no one should miss out!

Fairtrade specialists Traidcraft have provided us with a useful guide for creating the perfect vegan Christmas dinner, but not just the main event, they have also given us hints and tips for snacks and sides, as well as the all-important dessert.

If you are new to cooking for vegans, you may think you are limited on what you can cook, but there are so many alternatives for plant-based diets these days, so you will easily be able to cook a lovely vegan Christmas dinner for yourself or any vegan in your social bubble this Christmas.

For the main event, a vegan nut roast is perfect if your social bubble includes enough vegans as these usually serve between 6 and 8 people and takes around 2 hours to make. It is a really simple recipe, just combining root vegetables with mushrooms, grains, hazelnuts, and fresh herbs and you can add parsnip crisps to give that satisfying crunch.

A lot of Christmas dishes can be made from scratch, and most you will find on the BBC website. If you do not have time to cook from scratch, or you just want to make your life easier, you can buy lots of vegan products in most major supermarkets. If you are a vegan that enjoys the taste of meat, like vegan beef wellington and maple glazed vegan ham, you can find these at most supermarkets.

You can learn how to make your own vegan gravy, as most gravies have animal products in making them unsuitable for vegans. The options for vegan snacks are limitless, you can try wild mushroom palmiers with green olive and truffle tapenade, made with vegan puff pastry, or beetroot and red onion tarte Tatin.

As for dessert, you should not have to miss out on an incredible fudgy chocolate cake, using vegan chocolate you can create the classic dessert suitable for vegans. This chocolate dish will taste just as good as non-vegan options, so you could make this for everyone to enjoy.

Christmas is a time for everyone to indulge, whether you are vegan or not. There are so many options for plant-based diets, some that you can make yourself and lots of options in most supermarkets.

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