How To Get An Internship At A PR/Marketing Agency: What Most Agencies Are Looking For

“Get an internship” is the advice many people will give you when you are at university, or have recently graduated and just begun your job search. It is the best way to get yourself into the industry, without needing multiple years of experience already on your CV, and a great way to start building your own personal portfolio of work. But finding an internship can often be just as hard as finding a job. So we have gathered some of our top tips to help you land an internship with a PR or marketing agency.

Be Proactive with Networking

In order to start reaching out to potential employers, you need to know what businesses you would like to target and who you’re going to reach out to for you to discuss any opportunities. The best way to do this is by networking. If you remain proactive in connecting with a range of new people, this opens more doors that could lead to an internship opportunity than if you sit back and wait for someone to find you. The best way to do this would be by joining online groups, networks and societies that fall in line of businesses you would like to intern with.

Perfect Your CV Design

When you begin contacting PR or marketing agencies to look for these internship opportunities, the first thing they will be looking at is your CV. With the desire for internships being higher than ever, it means you are most likely going to be up against many other candidates who are also looking for the same opportunity as you. That is why you need to stand out.

If you showcase strong design and presentation skills within your CV, any agencies will very much appreciate the time and effort that has gone into your design. Not only does it show your design capabilities but also demonstrates that you’re willing to work hard.

How you choose to present your CV is completely up to you but this gives you another chance to demonstrate your creativity, innovativeness and show a bit of your own personality. Creating a website is a great way to show more of the creative aspects of your work as this platform allows you to add multiple pages for different projects you have been involved with, as well as images, videos and animations that you would not be able to include on a regular CV document.

Make Use of Social Media

When sending off your CV it is always a good idea to include a professional and public social media account which employers are able to view so they can see all the creative skills and hobbies you may have that would appeal to an agency. You can use these social media platforms to exhibit your work but also as your networking opportunity to “befriend”  PR or Marketing agencies via either Facebook, Instagram or even better, LinkedIn.

Start A LinkedIn Page

If you do decide you want to create a LinkedIn that professionals can view, almost like a ‘digital CV’, make sure your profile is definitely updated with your most recent projects or work experience. It is also a good idea to upload a portfolio if you have one from studying in any creative, fashion, communication or marketing fields (which are often the preferred profiles for PR and Marketing agencies).

Do Your Research

Another way to stand out from a big pile of CV's is by writing an engaging cover letter, that accompanies your CV, detailing why you think you would be a good candidate for the role and what you can bring to the agency. Have a look at their website, as well as their social media, and any press they may already have. You can use some of these insights to draft a compelling cover letter that explains why you think you would be a great addition to the team. If you are fortunate enough to be successful with your initial application and are offered an interview, this research will also help during the interview process as you will have a prior understanding and knowledge about what the company does.

Job searches and finding internships can be a long process, especially when it feels as if you’re not getting anywhere with your applications. However, that does not mean you should lose hope! Hopefully these tips will help you on your way to securing an internship in your dream industry and you can begin, or build on, your professional career.

If PR or Marketing is something you are interested in, we would love for you to send your CV and cover letter to for us to take a look at and we can see if there are any internship opportunities available at Kay Flawless for you!

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