How To Celebrate International Women's Day In Lockdown

Today is International Women's Day and this year is a little different, there are no protests, marches, or activities going on due to lockdown. That being said, it is still important to celebrate the day, as it has been since the first International Women's Day held in New York City in 1909. It can be as simple as giving a shout out to your favourite strong women on your social media platforms or planning a virtual event with a group of likeminded others.

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Female entrepreneurs from The Feminist Shop and Her Business Revolution share how they will be celebrating International Women’s Day this year.

Virginia Mendez – Founder of The Feminist Shop

Photo Credit: The Feminist Shop

“I normally look forward to International Woman’s Day. I love the protests, the great number of activities happening throughout the day, from galleries showing more women’s art to independent cinema rooms celebrating women in movies or libraries holding great readings. This year is going to be different, no doubt, but we need to admit that the virtual world has stepped up to fill the gap, and there are great initiatives taking place.

“Another thing that has unfortunately crept into this new virtual world is the rather ironic trend of companies having the audacity to expect free labour from women, precisely to celebrate this day. I have received several emails from companies inviting me to empower and educate their employers on such an important topic - for free, on a zoom call.”

Virginia adds, “This year’s topic is #choosetochallenge so one of my ways to celebrate is challenging all those demands and explaining that expecting me to work for free, as a woman, on International Woman’s Day is not something that is going to help any of us to achieve equality. It is not a very festive way to celebrate, I’ll give you that, but it is something that I am doing not only for me but for all of us that are held to those unfair expectations, and that feels good!”

Serena Fordham – Founder of Her Business Revolution

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“Usually, HER Business Revolution's Superwoman Members would come together for a day of inspiration, empowerment, networking and training for International Women’s

Day, at our HER Business, Body and Life Conferences, however due to the Covid-19

pandemic IWD 2021 looks slightly different.

“That said, there will be no less value in the online event we have planned to

celebrate the day together, and being hosted online allows our members from

all areas of the world to unite as part of the #choosetochallenge theme of this year's Women's Day.”

Serena continues, “Involving a unique hand gesture, this challenge recognises that a

challenged world is an alert world and individually, we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions, therefore we can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality and to seek out and celebrate women's achievements to help to create an inclusive world.

“As part of this global challenge our online event, happening in our Events Facebook Group on 5th March, will include a panel discussion about gender inequality and empowering an equal future, plus discussion around how to challenge ourselves as women mentally, physically and socially. Throughout the day our Superwomen Membership Club members will also be sharing their inspirational stories and insights around the theme of challenging biases and misconceptions around gender equality. This IWD 2021 celebration will be raising funds for our charity of the year - The Haven, Wolverhampton.”

How will you be celebrating International Women's Day? Do not forget to share how you will celebrate on social media! It is important to support empowering women, today and every day of the year.

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