Go Green By Making The Switch To Eco-Friendly Deodorant

As Veganuary is coming to an end we thought we would finish off with another product switch, because even though January ends this weekend, this does not mean you cannot carry on with using vegan products. It is important that we continue to make better choices for ourselves and for our planet so why not make the switch to eco-friendly deodorant balm Akt.

Specifically formulated with active botanicals and a unique Deo-Barrier Complex™ to keep you feeling dry and confident all day long, the Akt Deodorant Balms are packaged in aluminium tubes ideal for their durability, recyclability and portability, and the aluminium can continuously be recycled without losing quality. Akt prides itself in its plastic-free packaging, which is both suitable for modern living and beneficial to the environment. Since plastic caps usually accompany aluminium tubes, Akt has worked hard to create bespoke aluminium caps, which no other brand has ever provided, to prevent more plastic entering our ecosystem.

The all-natural deodorant championing self-care, tested on dancers - not animals

Other deodorants include products containing parabens; aluminium; phthalates and chemical fragrances, so Akt saw a gap ready to be filled by an intelligent, natural deodorant formulation focused on efficacy, premium fragrance, and strong environmental ethics. With its story beginning in London’s theatreland, The Deodorant Balm is made completely in the UK and tested only on professional dancers for its functionality. It is an all-natural, moisturising balm that lasts all day and can be applied anywhere on the body. To apply the deodorant you can use the premium brass applicator inspired by Guasha that encourages lymphatic drainage and micro-circulation around your underarms, chest and neck, helping to relieve tension, boost immunity and energise the body.

In 2015 co-founders Ed Currie and Andy Coxon met whilst performing in London’s West End. Performing eight shows a week under hot lights, they struggled to find an effective antiperspirant deodorant that could withstand their active lifestyles. So, they decided to begin their own journey, to create, develop and formulate a deodorant balm that truly works.

Research suggests that the aluminium chlorohydrate found in antiperspirants may have hormonal effects when absorbed by the skin near the breast, and may contribute to the development of breast cancer, more information can be found on the Nation Cancer Institute website. As well as allergic reactions to deodorants can be caused by ingredients such as propylene glycol, alcohol, biological additives and parabens, further information can also be found on this through Penn Medicine. This is all along with the tremendous contribution to air pollution caused by the 600 million aerosols used in the UK each year, and the masses of non-recyclable roll-ons thrown into landfill every day, having a hugely detrimental effect on the environment. Ed and Andy were keen to create a product that combated these harmful qualities, collaborating purposefully with leading experts in design, fragrance and cosmetic science, to shun non-recyclable packaging, synthetic “teenage” fragrances and questionable ingredients.

Ed Currie, co-founder of Akt says, “You have to remember that the underarms are one of the most sensitive areas of the body with a huge concentration of lymph nodes. They’re a delicate area and need to be taken care of. It was important for us to understand what ingredients are going onto the body, especially in a product designed to be used anywhere on the body! If you wouldn’t apply it to your face, why would you apply it to your underarms?”

Andy Coxon, co-founder of Akt says: “Design is an important part of our lives, and since tube-based deodorant balms still aren’t particularly well known, it was vital for us to create something that sets itself apart visually. The majority of well-known deodorant brands use questionable ingredients and harmful packaging, so it was crucial that we created an instantly recognisable brand aesthetic. Why do the natural and “green” brands have to compromise on design? We want our customers to take pride in the fact they’re using a product that not only works really well and looks beautiful but is good for their well-being as well as the planet.”

Without realising, you could be harming yourself and the environment daily by using regular antiperspirant deodorants. Making the switch seems like the obvious choice, not just to save our planet but to stop putting your own health at risk. To find out more information or to purchase the products, visit Akt.

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