Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skin Illuminator

This new serum from Estee Lauder works to address and reduce the look of common skin issues women face such as redness, blemishes, discolouration and acne marks.

Well, other products make the same claim so what makes this one so different? It works on all ethnicities, skin tones and proves to work to reduce uneven skintone! After 2 weeks of application, your skin will be more radiant, clear and even-toned, you can’t go wrong!

Reviews so far been great, so Kay Flawless Fashion decided to splurge on the product ourselves, and so far the results have been amazing! The serum glides on smoothly, and imeadiately your skin will look radiant. We also found discolourations were less noticable after first application, so far we’re giving the product high marks!

The product is available exclusively at Selfridges, clink on this link to buy for £46, which is a little steep but the results may make you think differently!

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