Do You Miss Your Hairdresser More Than The Pub?

After the announcement from the Government last Monday, we have finally been given dates to look forward to, with hairdressers set to re-open on April 12th. So how much have you been missing your hairdresser?

New research from Michael Van Clarke, renowned hairdresser, reveals that 395 of brits are desperate to get back to the hairdressers and 30% say they miss the hairdressers more than pubs, bars, or restaurants.

Despite the strange and stressful circumstances of the pandemic, there is some good to come from it. One thing that has been improving is the population's hair! 40% of people said they have stopped dyeing their hair as often in lockdown, 33% said they let their hair air dry, meaning they are using less heat on their hair, and 27% said they had used a hair mask for the first time in lockdown.

Since we have been staying at home for almost a year now, we have more time for self-care and a regular hair repair routine. Lockdown has encouraged us to not use heat styling tools as often, resulting in healthier hair.

Michael Van Clarke explains, “Hair is a mirror into our inner workings. What goes into the body comes out in the hair."

"Unlike skin, the hair you see is no longer connected to the metabolism, so cannot repair itself. Once it leaves the scalp it is at its pure wholesome best; full, complete, with a protective sheath of outer scales (the cuticle) that lay flat."

"It’s then exposed to a range of often unwholesome lifestyles, harsh products, UV rays from sunlight, aggressive heat styling. The hair loses moisture, and the protein structure of the hair breaks down. The protective cuticle lifts, leaving the hair feeling rough or frizzy, and more exposed to further injury. Hair becomes thinner weaker and drier.”

Half of Brits (50%) believe that heat styling is what has caused the most damage to their hair. So taking a break from the heat in lockdown seems to have paid off, 78% of people that have taken a break noticed that their hair is not as dry and damaged, and frizz and dry ends that were once the bane of their lives has improved dramatically.

Lockdown has also seen almost a third of us washing our hairless. Michael Van Clarke notes, “Washing hair daily will not dry hair out like many think, this is a myth, it is actually good to wash your hair daily and more advisable than ever amidst the current Coronavirus crisis."

"Also use the spare time some of us may have at home, to give you hair a deep conditioning hair mask, apply my 3 More Inches LifeSaver Prewash Treatment as often as you can and reclaim better hair. The key to healthy hair is more about how the hair is treated outside the head and especially how it is cared for.”

The countdown is on until we meet our hairdressers again, this is the final push. In the meantime for all the hair help you need, Michael Van Clarke’s YouTube channel provides all manner of expert advice and demos, not just styling tips but how to shampoo and colour your hair at home. You can also book virtual colour consultations via video call, which he launched during lockdown due to demand, then your bespoke colour pack is sent out to you. His hero product '3 More Inches Lifesaver' sold 1,500% more during the first lockdown than in the same period the year before. Head to to find out more.

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