6 Health Apps You Need To Have On Your Phone

It is so important to keep track of your mental and physical health, especially in lockdown as both can deteriorate if you are not looking after yourself. Uswitch has analysed some of the world’s most popular health apps to reveal the best ones that will help you take care of yourself throughout 2021. Health and wellness apps can help you to switch off, relax and sleep better. According to their Health App Index, Uswitch found that searches for health apps rose by 75% since the start of the pandemic. Whether you are looking for a fitness tracker or guided meditation, prioritise your wellbeing with these six apps.

Best for mental health: Calm

One of the most well-known apps for maintaining mental wellbeing, Calm allows users to prioritise their sleep or learn new meditation techniques. The app can help to improve your wellbeing during these tough times, you can choose from thousands of meditation tasks or listen to expert advice on how to better your sleeping patterns.

Download the Calm app here

Best for running: Strava

Running can be a great form of exercise in lockdown, with gyms being shut and not many people having access to gym equipment at home, running outdoors is an ideal way to stay fit. Found to be the highest-rated running app in the study, the app allows users to share running routes and connect with friends and family whilst exercising. This is a great way to stay connected with friends, a little healthy competition can help you to stay motivated.

Download the Strava app here

Best for sleep: Sleep Cycle

It is important we maintain a good sleep schedule during lockdown, however stress and anxiety can make it difficult for us to sleep, with the help of Sleep Cycle, it’s easy to get that schedule back on track. As part of their research, Uswitch found how stressed out Brits have been getting better sleep by journaling, reading and thinking of 15 things that make them happy. But for those that still struggle Sleep cycle can be the perfect addition to your bedtime routine. The app helps users maintain a sleep schedule, and comes with expert advice and tips to help those that struggle with snoring and sleep deprivation.

Download the Sleep Cycle app here

Best for fitness: Fitbit

Fitbit is the perfect app for keeping you motivated whilst at home. You do not need a Fitbit watch to have the app, it helps you to track everything from steps and exercise to counting calories and menstrual cycles. The app has everything you need to keep you motivated and working towards your fitness goals.

Download the Fitbit app here

Best for body wellness: Flo

Your health is more important than ever, so tracking health and signs of anything affecting our bodies is helpful. Flo is a health and period tracking app, helping women track their cycle so that they can have a better understanding of what their bodies are doing. The stress of the pandemic can often disrupt your cycle, so it is important to keep track.

Download the Flo app here

Best for weight tracking: MyFitnessPal

If you are finding it hard to stick to a diet and fitness schedule, this app is great for keeping you motivated while tracking your calories and fitness levels. You can set realistic weight goals or breakdown the nutrition of your ingredients, the app is easy to use and will help keep you motivated while also giving you expert advice on how to stick to your health plan.

Download the MyFitnessPal app here

Keeping track of fitness goals, what is going on inside your body, and how you are feeling can be really important in times like this. It is important to stay motivated and take time to clear your mind. We constantly have our phones within reach, so adding health apps that can help with fitness and general wellbeing can make your life a little easier, you can set up reminders to exercise daily or to take a moment to meditate. Looking after yourself is crucial in these difficult times, so make it easier by downloading these apps.

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