10 Halloween Costume Ideas

Out of nowhere, Halloween has come back around, and even though you may not have a Halloween party to go to, it is still fun to play dress-up for one day a year. So whether you are just dressing up for the trick-or-treaters, you have some fun Halloween plans (sticking to the government guidelines), or if you just want to dress up for your own enjoyment and sit on the sofa watching a scary movie, we are here to give you some Halloween costume inspiration.

Disney Princess - Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine costume - £15.99

The 2019 remake of Aladdin made us all want to be Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet ride. Naomi Scott who plays the character wears a gorgeous blue outfit like the original with gold embellishments. We found a similar version on Amazon so that you can live your Disney Princess dreams, even if it is just for one day. Get your partner to dress up as Aladdin and you have a perfect couples costume.


Devil horns - £6 Red vinyl bandeau jumpsuit - £30

A Halloween classic, a devil is always good for a simple, minimal effort costume. Just wear anything red, add a pair of devil horns and you are good to go, for a little extra you could add some fake blood and a red lip. Simple but effective.


Mermaid Shell Bikini Bra Top - £7.99 Mermaid Flared Trousers - £22.99

You may have seen that mermaid waves have been popular this year, so why not turn that into a Halloween costume. A bikini bra, mermaid trouser, and beachy mermaid waves. If you are feeling experimental why not try a mermaid-inspired makeup look, and to make it more Halloween like, add some fake blood and wounds.

Fortune Teller

Fortune teller costume - £26.48 Fortune teller face jewels - £5

Freaky fortune teller, this could be a fun costume that could even be done last minute or on a budget. Just add the headpiece and a hip skirt with gold accents around your waist, grab a crystal ball, and your fortune teller outfit is ready. You could get creative and add some face jewels or fortune teller inspired makeup, and as always, add fake blood for a scarier look.


Medusa headband - £4.50 Photo credit: Pinterest

Turn everyone to stone this Halloween with a Medusa inspired outfit. Another simple outfit that can be done on a budget, add a Medusa headband to a black outfit and even add some fun makeup and jewels.

Sugar Skull - Day of the Dead

Photo credit: Pinterest Day of the Dead headband - £8

Another simple costume for the makeup queens, a flower headband and skull makeup is quick and easy but still looks great. If you are not too confident with Halloween makeup and you have time to practice, watch some tutorials on how to create skull makeup.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey costume - £38.99

In 2016 when Suicide Squad premiered everyone was obsessed with Margot Robbie's character Harley Quinn, that year saw everyone dressing as her for Halloween. Well shes back, this year Harley Quinn had her own film, Birds of Prey, and we are expecting to see a few Harley Quinn costumes once again.

Beyoncé - Black is King visual album

Leopard print catsuit - £6 Square Frame Bling Rhinestone Sunglasses - £2.52

We could not resist including Queen Bey in our costume ideas this year. This outfit from the Black is King visual album is fierce and fabulous and perfect for people who would rather dress as their favourite celebrity for Halloween, something a little less scary.

Cruella de Ville

Black satin midi dress - £17.50 Cream faux fur maxi coat - £75

Cruella de Ville fancy dress accessories - £10.99

We are giving you another DIY option, this is one that you could probably do with items from your wardrobe. A black maxi dress, fur coat and just add the gloves, the wig or coloured hair spray and you have turned yourself into Cruella de Ville.

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter costume- £24.99

This one is a little different and we haven't seen this costume done often, but this would be great to do with friends, paired with an Alice in Wonderland costume. You could even do this theme as a group, each person as a different character. And again, add fake blood and wounds to make it a little more Halloween like.

With all these options, whether you like to go all out or just like to add devil horns to your outfit, you have no excuse this year. Even if your original plans have been cancelled, it is the one day of the year that it is acceptable to wear fancy dress out and about so you might as well put a bit of effort in.

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